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    We started a decade ago - a decade of working with wind, rain and a decade of growth. Ouyang Haojie and our associated companies have achieved ten years of splendid history. In these ten years, Ouyang Haojie growing from small to large, all the footprints left entrepreneurs. We persist in the concept: The client is our God, prestige is the ultimate concept, and quality is life. Our company has built a stable, healthy and regulatory market image.

    The past ten years has passed very quickly - but it is a start. It has settled the foundations for our healthy development. We take the spirit of technology forerunner: facing the world, dedicated to the people, creating the first level and tenet of opening up with innovation. Our Quality is excellent, honest & strong - relying on great enthusiasm. We focus on creating and realizing the energetic enterprise management model. 

    In 2008, our export volume reached USD 4.399 Million. Ouyang Haojie refreshed history and created new lofty achievements. We became the largest Wood industry. What’s more, Ouyang Haojie is also modest. Bathing Spring Wind is short: in the course of the Chinese economic internationalization, the stringent existence and development consciousness as well as the intensive history give us the feeling everyday is a new start. We believe, facing the challenge, as long as all of us work cautiously and conscientiously, persevere in study, ponder not to stick to one pattern, create our utmost effort, and work hard that we are bound to make ourselves the international wood company. We believe we are as confident as you can be in the future.

    On behalf of all my organization, we sincerely appreciate all the customers and friends who support us.

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