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  • ouyang rich&propitious jiangsu wood co.,ltd
  • ouyang rich&propitious jiangsu wood co.,ltd

    Social Recruitment

             Talent is the most valuable resource, people-oriented European foreign Hero Group is the cornerstone. EU foreign Hero Group to "first-class standard, multi-channels to introduce as many talents" for the purpose of open recruitment, comprehensive assessment, the principle of selecting the best from the knowledge, integrity, ability, experience, physique, meet the job requirements, etc. conduct a thorough review and careful selection of all kinds of talents.

        EU foreign Hero Group is not only recruit Octagon excellence, but also staff training and development, career design and other aspects to the development of a vast world of talent to the "cause, treatment to people, sentiments," the family-oriented business environment, so employees and the company has grown, so that employees in the Jia Ling of "accomplishment", "home feeling."

    Campus Recruiting

             As China's economy continues to grow and the continuous improvement of people's consumption level, the EU foreign Hero Group is as a development opportunity in the future of home health supplies, the development of individual sports fitness, nursing, indoor sports and other fields courage, innovation , determined to develop the company into an internationally renowned first-class enterprises. WTO brought competition among enterprises are ultimately talent competition, the development of enterprises are faced with the challenge of talent, the European foreign Hero Group in constant development, the company is also actively promoting the process of international talent. The company will give fresh graduates to build a vast platform for the Company's reserves of human resources.

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